Fujitsu LIFEBOOK Notebook: Augmented Reality – Viewing and Recording in 3D


In January Fujitsu announced a new Lifebook with a 2D/3D display. Not only do included 3D glasses allow for watching 3D Blu-ray DVDs, the notebook also records 3D video via the dual integrated cameras. Do-it-yourself augmented reality…


2D and 3D Viewing on a Fujitsu Notebook

Fujitsu announced the new Lifebook at CES. It sports a dual-function 15.6-inch widescreen for 2D and 3D viewing!

The Lifebook also wirelessly connects to a TV with Intel Wireless Display. Hm… I guess next time around I buy a TV I won’t understand a word the salesman says. The fact that you need consulting when buying a TV these days is scary enough…

One of many conceivable applications of the Lifebook may be hologram visualization. A printed code is held in front of a webcam and the computer will render 3D objects.

The concept is visualized on Fujitsu’s Reality website.


The animation the augmented reality generator creates still seems a bit wobbly. But I’m sure the gaming industry will come up with some fancy applications…

3D Enabled Android Powered Smart Phone

But also smart phones seem to go 3D as suggests LG’s announcement of its coming LG Optimus 3D.

Visualization of LG-optimus-3D-instruction-simulation

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