Internet Tech Bubble 2.0: Infographic on Recent Over-the-Top Valuations


LinkedIn’s recent IPO saw a spectacular doubling of the shares on the first day. They trade at a 45 multiple of their revenues with $12 million profits per year. That seems like a pretty steep valuation. See an interesting infographic on current valuations of the Tech Bubble 2.0 in the rise: Skype, Delicious, Facebook, Groupon, LinkedIn, Color, Twitter.

Infographic: Valuations in the Tech Bubble 2.0

Valuations of tech stocks Skype, Delicious, Facebook, Groupon, LinkedIn, Color, Twitter

Interestingly enough Marc Andreessen, inventor of the Netscape browser and now venture capitalist, yesterday denied we are seeing a technology bubble.

Personally I get the feeling of a déjà-vu: A bit more than ten years ago tech shares skyrocketed in similarly spectacular ways. What followed is history…

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