La Redoute Fashion and Decoration Website – Powered by Endeca


La Redoute is a Redcats Group brand. It’s a multi-specialist of fashion and decoration. They index 30’000 products and 200’000 SKUs and rebuilt their website’s search and navigation features based on Endeca technology.

La Redoute Fashion and Decoration Website Powered by Endeca

Sabrina Burris, Redcats Customer Story at the Endeca eBusiness Forum 2011.


3rd party tools used for the web solution include Omniture, PowerReviews and Avail.

La Redoute Endeca powered website with cartridges

The same Endeca cartridges that were developed for the web can be used for mobile websites. LaRedoute-iPhone-app

Endeca PageBuilder allows for easy page manipulation by business owners without bugging the developer team. Predefined cartridges are built once by the developers and then customized by the business owners. Different triggers can be used in order to fire business rules, e.g. week of Christmas for a given cartridge, or selection of cartridges based on the selected facets.

La Redoute Endeca powered website with PageBuilder functionality

Omniture data is used to rank result lists against. La Redoute manages 10 different ranking strategy algorithms depending on the product that a user may be searching for.

The integration of the Facebook Store works via the Endeca Catalog feature. The UI is built within Facebook.

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