10 Tips from Facebook for business: Use Promoted Posts


Everything on Facebook starts with your page. Then you should connect to new fans with Facebook ads. The third step is to engage your fans with quality content. The fourth is to influence the friends of your fans.

Webinar by Hubspot and Chris Luo from Facebook.

Four Facebook marketing steps

Tip 1: Post Regularly

It’s a good practice to post once or twice a week high quality content. A scheduled topic agenda helps, you may even compose the posts ahead of time. The posts on Facebook can be reasonably short, say 100-250 characters and 3 lines of text max.
On average this kind of post receives 60% more likes.

You’ll have to find out what time is best for your audience to react to your posts. This depends heavily on geographic and content criteria.

Tip 4/5: Respond to Comments and Messages and Ask Questions

Obviously you should react and interact with your audience. You can also post questions and polls.


Tip 6: Post Photos and Videos

Posting photos can be very engaging. They get 120% more engagement than standard posts, videos get 100% more.


Tip 7: Give Fans Exclusive Access to Content


Offer fans exclusive content on Facebook such as discounts. Hubspot offers webinar invitations on Facebook through postings.


Hubspot posts content on their Facebook wall. The link brings them to a website landing page offering more information and a lead capture form. The last piece is the metric: How many visitors came via Facebook, how many lead forms were filled in?


Tip 8: Use Page Post Ads

Not all your fans will see all your posts. On average 16%-20% of the fans will see your posts. You can maximize that with page post ads via the ad manager. The targeting capabilities will help to zero in on your target audience.


Tip 9: Use Promoted Posts

An alternative is to publish promoted posts.

Facebook-promoted-post valuate-promoted-post-facebook Chris Luo from Facebook: 16% of Facebook users see business posts

Tip 10: Review your Insights

The statistics will offer metrics about the reach of your promotional post.

HubSpot-marketing-metric-timeline Facebook-reach-statistics

For more details check out Facebook’s instructions or Mashable’s briefing.

And Baekdal published an initial test with a promoted post. Thanks for sharing the results including an ROI analysis.

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