Content Marketing Trends according to BlueGlass UK


Kevin Gibbons, Content Marketing Spezialist with BlueGlass UK

Google forces us to come up with good content. Link farms don’t work anymore. Submission based web directories, even press release websites are struggling. Google uses much more signals than before and they get built into their algorithm.

Google also takes bounce rates and referring traffic into its rankings. The human engagement (social shares) has become a major indicator for good content. Writer’s authority and influence is growing as well as brand importance. The correlation of Facebook shares and good rankings is very high.


Backlinks, though, remain a top indicator for good content !
Link building has completely changed, instead of hundreds of links today a customer may receive one or two relevant links per month.
Quality, method and patience will pay off in the future. You need people to talk about your content, you need to be awesome. Pep Talk : You need to stop being boring ! (Soulpancake)

Good content will be linked to and covered by press outlets. But you need an audience in the first place. If no one reads the content not even good content will help.

  1. Focus on the end result, not the way to get there, and learn along the way
  2. The publish button is the biggest link building weapon, Useful outreach metric: average links per post
  3. Send Google band signas they can’t ignore and make your brand the market leading keyword!
  4. Your outreach placements generate natural links & co-citations themselves



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