Capture the full value of mobile with Google click-to-call


Capturing the full value of mobile with click-to-call and call metrics with Googlers Joseph Corral, product marketing manager and Dave Miller, mobile search sales and strategy lead.

47% of our media interactions today take place on mobile devices. Widespread consumer adoption of mobile sets the stage for new decision moments and according new business models.

Why mobile calls matter

The most effective experiences on mobile are built for unique contexts and smartphone capabilities. Also, mobile development is moving very fast and it’s bridging the digital and the real world.

Mobile users are primed to call a business from mobile ads so you better reach them in the moment that matters.

3 keys to winning at mobile

Know your mobile value proposition! What is the customer on the smartphone looking to do? This may be a different value proposition from the desktop site. Find out how your customers do things differently on mobile devices.


Build your marketing campaign for mobile! T-Mobile uses ads with location extensions and mobile specific ad copy.

Capture the full value of mobile! Mobile is spurring new types of conversions. There are calls, shops, apps, cross-device cases all available on mobile devices.

Google mobile call solutions

The third format combines the smartphone’s GPS location feature with call functionality.


Mobile display ad formats include displays of phone numbers together with the available functionality.

Implementation and Optimization

Call extensions are created via the adwords campaign tool:


Google Forwarding Numbers are a default setting at no additional cost. They allow for click-to-call ads and they are easy to measure. The forwarding number will still call your standard business number in the background, it’s just not visible.

You may as well use your usual business number directly.

You have to determine whether you prefer links to your mobile website or calls to your business. This may be helpful when the site doesn’t look good on mobiles, yet.

In Google Analytics you’ll find the performance of call extensions.


The calls are segmentable by lenght of call and many other parameters.

Call Extensions offer a new feature that takes advantage of smartphone’s core functions. The ad’s performance is clearly measurable thus offering detailed statistics about your offering.

Call Extensions can be switched off like any other ads, i.e. during certain business hours.


Location Extensions offer maps for mobile devices. They track user interaction, i.e. you can tell who linked to your services via mobile ads.

You can show the nearest shop of a GPS enabled smartphone. You can set this up or via Google Places or via manual adress maintenance. If say you only have a few outlets.

The reporting includes mobile click-to-calls and many other parameters. Once the reporting and attribution model is defined you should measure the ad’s performance and then optimize the budget.


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