19. Web Monday Zurich – Christoph Tonini, Tamedia


Christoph Tonini from Tamedia presented the 118 years old history of the publishing enterprise. In 2000 an IPO led to new e-media initiatives and last year’s merger with Edipresse brought new business in Switzerland’s French speaking part.


Christoph Tonini presents the traditional print activities as well as newer ebusiness initiatives. 2009 was a very difficult year for publishers with 2010 looking much more promising.
The merger with Edipresse adds a dominant market position in the French speaking part.


Online activities mainly focus around the three topics news (20minuten.ch, newsnetz.ch), classifieds (homegate.ch, jobup.ch, jobwinner.ch, ALPHA.CH, jobsuchmaschine.ch, swissfriends.ch, car4you.ch, swissreseau.ch, anzeiger.ch) and service sites (search.ch, zattoo.ch, tillate.com, proseller.ch, fashionfriends.ch, renovero.ch and others).

Christoph Tonini presents Tamedia’s evaluation process for new acquisitions. The product, team, market and fit with Tamedia are the four main criteria.


At the end of his presentation Christoph Tonini mentions the numerous job openings in several Tamedia subsidiaries that offer online services.

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