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2 is a Twitter based curator platform. Edouard Lambelet presents’s current mobile strategy with its rollout of a mobile version underway. SmallRivers Edouard-Lambelet Mobile-Monday-Geneva

Edouard Lambelet, Co-founder & CEO SmallRivers

Presentation at the Mobile Monday Geneva.

Edouard is a serial entrepreneur, explorer and always in „learning mode“. Now co-founder & CEO of SmallRivers Initiative (creator of startup). SmallRivers is a privately held startup incorporated in Switzerland (Lausanne) and located on the EPFL campus. The company is focused on facilitating the discovery of relevant content and other people of interest on the web.

At curators are a key concept. Curators sort content based on their knowledge. ‚There’s no such thing as information overlaod, just filter failure‘. (Curators) stand in-between content (publishers) and users (discovery). There’s people producing information, other consuming it, yet others like to curate, i.e. filter information and provide it to their followers. This is what is into. How can curators easily publish?

The technology involved in easy curating tools is very complex. It’s about providing information in proper context according to topics. fetches content from sites that the curator refers to and presents it in a visually appealing way in a browser.

310’000 topic based’s are now published in 220 countries in 8 languages with 1.8 million active unique users. usage numbers as presented on Mobile-Monday-Geneva

The product was marketed purely via viral channels based on its semantic relevance for readers. The content is not rated purely based on mathematical algorithms but on real people’s clicks and recommendations.

Game-of-Thrones based blog will be the mobile version. HTML5 and mobile frameworks serve as technical base for non-native mobile apps that still are able to access the device’s mobile features.


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