Private Social Networks, Raphael Briner, Founder & CEO Hyperweek at Mobile Monday Geneva


Mobile today is very technical. HyperWeek offers social media services, e.g. for Nestlé. Founded in 2007, today 5 people run the social publishing service that help companies deploy their own private social network.

Raphael Briner, Founder & CEO Hyperweek


Presentation at the Mobile Monday Geneva.

Raphael helps leading companies to deploy their own private social publishing platform. Hyperweek works for TV broadcasters, media companies, and brands to grow their audience with controlled and editorialized social channels.

HyperWeek runs their own Facebook-like intranet based on Yammer(?)

HyperWeek plans to publish hundreds of social media platforms. The app will not be available in an app store but provided as open source based on HTML5 and JavaScript. If you want to run your own monetization strategy it’s better not to rely on other suppliers‘ shops.

Native apps run more smoothly on mobile devices, but HyperWeek’s approach is more regional regarding social contacts, news and interactions, i.e. performance is not that much of an issue. HTML5 is good enough for that purpose and runs on all platforms. Based on mobile framework software it can still access mobile devices‘ usability features and sensors.

*Discovery, action and interaction* are the three main aspects of social media solutions. Comments are a very important item, even on mobiles: Consumers interact with producers once they discover their content and take action.

Raphael’s 12 years old daughter and digital native rated Facebook features for usage on iPhone vs the full computer web interface. She compares accessibility, search, usability, functionality, communication, availability, risks, extensions, other sites and connections.
The interview is available on Raphael’s blog



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