Social Media at the Super Bowl Command Center – Lessons Learned


Impressions from the 46 super bowl 2012 Webinar by Sal Giliberto from Awareness Social Marketing Software.

Championship Social Media : Lessons From The Super Bowl XLVI Host Committee Social Media Command Center.

Raidious‘ and Awareness‘ software powered the first ever social media command center at the 2012 Super Bowl.


Host committee social media command center at Super Bowl 2012

The social media command center comprised

  • 2,800 sq ft. facility seats up to 35
  • Upgraded to redundant fibre internet access (20 up / 20 down)
  • iPad controlled integrated A/V system
  • 9-screen monitor wall (over 100 sq feet)
  • 12 27inch iMac Touch Down stations
  • 6 Producer stations conference room, reeption area, coffee + drinks
  • Game-planning station overlooking Indianapolis‘ Meridian Street
  • Approx. 300 sq ft of whiteboard space

Infrastructure photographs of the social media command center

Social media staff at their workstations during Super Bowl 2012

A consistent look and feel allows for credible messaging in the different channels. In Twitter you may send many messages a day whereas in Facebook you may only want to send one or two messages a day. That’s what your audience may realistically read.

Consistent look & feel across social media outlets such as Twitter and Facebook

Branding on emotional topics

Adress topics that rely directly to your goal. At the 46th super bowl they didn’t tweet about single players but rather about hospitality topics.

  • Public safety issues
  • Event and service information such as directions, scheduling, and parking updates
  • Highlighting positive aspects of the Indianapolis community

Technological considerations

Technological issues and channels available to social media

How do you spread the tasks among your content staff? Is one person in charge of initial posts and others take over communication about it?
Which channels are you going to cover? Usually you can’t do them all…
Which non-social tools need to be integrated?
Which will be new features in the close future? Which vendor will provide what?

10’000 Tweets per second were sent during the Super Bowl 2012.

The social universe can be overwhelming but resources are not infinite. Therefore you need to maintain a focus on certain tasks and keywords.

Awareness' social media tool supports focusing on given tasks

Content is king. Content should be organized via content calendars. When is what going to be communicated?

Calendar of social media communication action

The social media calendar also organizes respond times at which you reply to posts and comments. It can be combined with the general communication schedule, i.e. newsletters, press releases, etc.

Communicate according to schedule ahead of an event

Once event dates are known you may publish information ahead of time based on stock photography.

Social media shouldn’t be robotic, give it a face and personal touch!

Social media outlets should feature a personal touch

There’s no one right way to do social media. It takes creativity as much as knowledge of technical issues such as SEO or the Edge Rank algorithm that controls the Facebook news stream.

Explanation of Facebook's Edge Rank

Photographs have more weight than text posts in the Edge Rank algorithm

According to the sort of content you promote you should consider Slideshare as important traffic source!

Slideshare can turn out to be an important traffic referrer

Most social media sites offer statistics via API in order to collect them all in one centralized place.

Social media metrics by output channel such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Foursquare, Flickr, Slideshare, Blogs

Clicks, e.g, are counted only when a user is taken from one service to another, not when he only follows say a Flickr link but stays on Flickr.

Measuring the Social Media Command Center

Measurement visualization of social media effects across relevant channels

  • The original total audience goal for direct reach was 5’000. The actual final reach was 49’000!
  • Sentiment goal was to be more than 50% positive. The final sentiment ratio was 3.6:1 positive to negative
  • The amplification effect with shares/retweets on Twitter and favorites/likes on Facebook was 64 million impressions
  • The command center’s efforts exceeded the official NFL handle’s influence based on score
  • The estimated total value of the amplified social reach at $50 CPM: $3.2 million!

For comparison: A 30 seconds TV spot during super bowl was $3.5 mio.

Audit trails for services such as Facebook, Twitter, WordPress

You may also want to use as a benchmarch before and after you perform social media actions.

Check out the full webinar on Awareness‘ website.


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