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Switzerland is an iPhone country, it has the world’s most dense iPhone usage. The mobile device has become a gateway to the cloud, to an ‚augmented me‘.

Sabine Dufaux, Co-Founder & Strategic Planner @ Relax In The Air digital agency

Presentation at the Mobile Monday Geneva.


Relax In The Air has recently published the report „Defining Social Media in Switzerland“, an overview of social media consumption and trending opportunities. The main findings include

  1. Humans have a need to belong to groups
  2. We enjoy radical real time sharing
  3. Personalisation is big
  4. Instant gratification is possible

Information providers should not focus on formats but rather on user experience. Television network ABC came up with an iPad app that syncs the app and the TV allowing for interaction with the TV shows.
Augmented reality was used by museum of London in order to provide images based on geolocation of the user in historical context.
At the airport near field communication will allow for automated check-ins, guidance at the airport as well as payments.

Tourism is important for mobile: In some touristic regions QR-codes provide historical information about certain buildings.

Educational apps are becoming more and more popular. Teachers put up information and courses on preferred platforms, students use them on their preferred device, potentially anywhere and not only in the class room.

Californians report public issues like broken items via mobile devices. San Francisco offers a real-time availability visualisation of empty parking lots.

Near field communication will soon be used for ticketing services at venues including seat plan, merchandizing, special offers, downloads, etc. Medication will be included on mobile including feedback to the doctor.
At work and at home smartphones will become customisable remote controls.

Digital content must be provided with care, because ‚tomorrow‘ someone may use it in different context. Mobiles are becoming a very intimate device with a lot of personal information!


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