Endeca Analytics for eBusiness (Endeca Latitude)


Analytics tools often time offer only a limited view of the business since they access only so many underlying IT systems. Their complexity limits the utilization on a day to day basis. Endeca Latitude offers comprehensive data acquisition across different sources and visualizes information analysis based on guided navigation drill down.

Endeca Analytics for eBusiness (Endeca Latitude)

Endeca eBusiness Forum 2011, London

Today also social media comments should be taken into consideration. Endeca Latitude offers analysis ease of use. The Latitude Framework offers Discovery Applications based on guided navigation and interactive visualizations.


Integration includes data enrichment tools, e.g. Lexalytics. Data ingestion e.g. works via Informatica (ETL tool) etc. It’s key to structure the available data and index it for real-time interaction at scale. You may want to know what went wrong and what went well last year in the same period and visualize it on a graphical base.

Endeca Latitude is not about replacing data warehouses but about compiling an interactive and comprehensive view of all available business information from different sources.

Different roles such as executives, category or marketing managers can use the same tool and access different views of the comprehensive business data set. Each of the users will drill down differently based on their responsibility.

Social media content is pulled in and sentiment analysis will provide its rating as positive or negative. Based on the chosen refinements the according customer feedback is brought forward.


Views can be saved and sent to other managers for further investigation.

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