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Markus Schulte from Olmero presents his website that offers a virtual marketplace to the construction industry.

Funded in 2000 Olmero today has 80 employees in Glattbrugg, Zurich Binz and Lausanne.
2010 the revenue was 14.6 Mio. with a 18% growth rate year over year.

Contractors and construction industry players meet on Olmero’s website. The ‚Project Space‘ offers document and communication management for construction projects. The third service area includes CAD printing services. The 7 Billion CHF per year, the average transaction is around 700’000.- i.e. strongly focusing on a B2B business model. is Olmero’s latest project. It focuses on small jobs around housing or the industry.

Screenshot der Website

Maintenance efforts in Switzerland are very high. The need for information is becoming more and more important, c.f. HolidayCheck, but with painters and other small jobs uncertainty with suppliers and their quality is very high.

MyHammer is a very successful competitor platform from Germany, UK and now the US.

In 2007 started its pricing and a quality comparison platform. As per usual the idea is not crucial but its execution. Meeting supply and demand is at the beginning. Olmero found large general contractors such als Allreal, Halter, Implenia, etc. as shareholders of Olmero. They were interested in bringing in sub-contractors.
On the marketing side a partnership with Tamedia was initiated. That helped the advertising in numerous Swiss media channels resulting in a steep increase in posted jobs by owners.


The platform has a straightforward model with a free registration process with a description of the project. A service provider rating is offered.
So far the platform is for free for suppliers and purchasers. The business model later on will be a CHF 59.-/month service fee for service providers.


Next steps include growth of the currently 6000 providers (an additional 5000 are available from Olmero).

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