Virtual Mob: Augmented Reality on Mobile Phones


virtualmob-logo-augmented-realityAugmented Reality (AR) is about placing virtual world items on top of real world elements, e.g. a virtual car model can be visualized on top of a print ad.

Presentation by Chaya Jadhav, VirtualMob co-founder and manager.

Augmented reality is highly intuitive and offers rich interaction. Publishers can create an augmented experience and engage readers during a longer time span. People interact with the content and are more likely to share content.

sample augmented reality app by virtualmob

GM is using AR in order to visualise direction instructions on a car’s windshield.

NYC is currently showing a DIY exhibition in which visitors virtually create the exhibits by interacting with them.

Rotterdam is building an interactive construction site visualisation that shows how the site will look a few years from now.

AR kinect based can be used for virtual shopping tours: Deals can be visualised on top of a city skyline, a virtual model measuring your size can visualise how clothes will look on you.
The check-out process can be implemented directly in the AR app.

Sample video of AR features for Benetton.

Other concepts are more about 3D features and advanced interaction.

Sample application by Esquire Magazine.

Virtual building presentation via augmented reality

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