Social Strategy according to HP


Mark Perret from HP about Social Strategy.

World-Map-Social-Networks: Online and Facebook population

Social Strategy – HP’s Point of View

Endeca eBusiness Forum 2011, London


Humans are ‚lazy‘, hence our tendency to categorize and simplify.

Today influencers have much more clout via online social media.

‚Bad profits‘: It’s better to be frank with customers and tell them about the business strategy.

Social Intelligence Evolution


CHALLENGES in Social Media

  • At what point can a business influence a consumer beyond their network?
  • How will value be measured in the future and how is that different to today?
  • Who will be measuring value?
  • How will you define a ‚relationship‘ in a social media world?
  • Will you be able to tell the difference between the many personas a customer will have?
  • What is a customer?


Social Intelligence Framework


You have to make sure commenters are actually representative of the customer base.


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